MASS, a digital design studio based in Fitzroy, Australia. We're designing technology to service humanities best interests.

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  • Does anyone know any good PR people who have experience in the arts/startup communities? Thanks in advance...
  • Nice to see this little website we designed for GoodHuman go live this week This is a great service for NDIS providers and participants and we were happy to help out.
  • We're pretty stoked to have won two silvers and a gold at the Melbourne Design Awards 2020 for our work on these three websites. Special shout-outs go to @PUSHCollective, @MomentumEnergy, @nick_computer and the MASS team who worked so hard to make these projects happen.
  • Our friend and long time collaborator @nick_computer just wrote this great behind the scenes article about the build of the MASS Website...
  • We started MASS this day five years ago. And what an amazing experience it’s been so far. Thank you to everyone who has supported us, worked with us, and inspired us.
  • We wrote this little article on the @fwa website... #thefwa
  • Great article by Friend of MASS @alexanderbyrne_ in @uxdesigncc
  • We're stoked to have won an @fwa for our new website Thanks to the MASS team and everyone involved, including @nick_computer who did a fabulous job on the build.
  • .... We also updated our identity. We developed a logo generator and used variable weights, animation and interactivity. We think logos can change and still be recognisable as long as their conditions are managed carefully.
  • We launched our new website this week along with a bunch of hidden audio comments. Make sure you have a click around a listen to some of the great insights from our design team — straight from the horse's mouth so to speak 🐴