MASS, a digital design studio based in Fitzroy, Australia. We're designing technology to service humanities best interests.

Estimate OneAilo
  • Great article by Friend of MASS @alexanderbyrne_ in @uxdesigncc
  • We're stoked to have won an @fwa for our new website Thanks to the MASS team and everyone involved, including @nick_computer who did a fabulous job on the build.
  • .... We also updated our identity. We developed a logo generator and used variable weights, animation and interactivity. We think logos can change and still be recognisable as long as their conditions are managed carefully.
  • We launched our new website this week along with a bunch of hidden audio comments. Make sure you have a click around a listen to some of the great insights from our design team — straight from the horse's mouth so to speak 🐴
  • We’re very happy to announce that we’ve just launched our new website — This is the first proper site we’ve had since we started the business and our first chance to share some of the great projects we’ve been working on. Hope you like it...
  • Scott and I doing some audio recording via VC. I've chosen to hide under a blanket. Can you guess where Scott has chosen to record?
  • Working from home and its starting to look a lot like the intro the Brady Bunch....