We design brands and digital experiences. We believe the best work happens at the intersection of both. We believe great brands see every customer interaction as a reflection of themselves. We believe that growing businesses care as much about their existing customers as they do about acquiring new ones. We partner with brands to help them visualise opportunities so that they can better deliver great products and services online.

What we’re like to work with

  • We’re a team of designers founded by a designer. We bring years of design experience to each project and place equal value on the thinking and the outcome. We are ‘t-shaped’, with broad experience in all areas of design. Our designers work together with our Design Director and with each other to progress the overall quality of work. Working with one designer means leveraging the experience of the entire group.

  • We believe the best outcomes are the product of close collaboration. Collaborating with our clients, their teams, engineers and their diverse audiences all help to build empathy throughout the design process. We employ different co-design techniques depending on the work. We aim to demystify the design process and share the responsibility of decision making.

  • Our sprint-based rituals and cloud-based tools give you ultimate transparency. We don’t hide behind project managers or account managers. We give our designers the tools they need to organise themselves so that your budget goes towards the work, not the administration. We plan each sprint together and provide reports each week on time spent. Watch us work in Figma, check in with us on Slack, or just come to the showcase at the end of the sprint.

  • We work with you and your team to make sure we understand the problem and opportunities upfront, testing and validating assumptions along the way. But sometimes launching quickly is more important than launching perfectly, which is why we favour engagements that are long term. That way, we can ensure that the products we help design keep getting better and better over time.

  • Our fees are based on time spent. There shouldn’t be any surprises because we revise the schedule with you each sprint along with sharing a status report with you each week. We don’t believe in ‘value pricing’, charging for internal meetings, hidden costs or 'marking up' fees for collaborators. Our rates are based on industry standards. We offer discounts to long term engagements, cultural institutions and projects that contribute to social good.

  • We judge awards, speak at events and on occasion write about our experiences. We continue our work with Swinburne to help prepare design students for the industry we are familiar with. This includes supporting Swinburne's de-emphasis on grading and teaching students about design thinking via our Make it Break it program. Our internships are paid because we believe design should be a career available to everyone. We encourage solidarity amongst other designers and studios even if we are literally competing for the same work.

What we do

  • We design new brands and even refine some old ones. We immerse ourselves in your business and your customers so that we can better understand your irrefutable truths and ambitious goals. We will define a compelling strategic narrative and use that to guide our creative territories. Once we have agreed on a visual direction, we will develop your identity system and extend it to any necessary applications.

  • We work with you to understand your service; how it’s currently being delivered via people, physical interactions and over time. We take a holistic view of the experience and work with you to identify opportunities for improvement and then employ various co-design techniques to design, prototype and test new ideas.

  • We work with you to create a vision for the product or experience. This requires a thorough understanding of the business objectives, the user requirements and the technical considerations. This work will include aspects of Information Architecture, Content Strategy, User Experience Design, Copywriting and prototyping.

  • We organise and facilitate focus groups, co-design workshops, benchmark testing and one-on-one interviews, both in-person and remotely.

  • We start by designing concepts that explore different aspects of your brand. We refine the direction and extend it to all the unique pages and elements. We design animation sequences, loading sequences, transitions and interactions. We consider accessibility, production and how content will be treated. We create build-ready artwork that is broken down into components so that it can be easily implemented. We create design systems and work with teams on future releases.

  • We help our clients better understand how to get the most out of design. We start by researching how your company currently thinks about design as a way to help identify any gaps that might exist. Ultimately, we are looking to uncover any opportunities to improve the function of design within your business. This might include any number of initiatives; how you work together, how you get work done and how you create impact.

  • Ben Beagley
    Ben BeagleySenior Designer
  • Chen Choo
    Chen ChooSenior Designer
  • Marty Coghlan
    Marty CoghlanDesign Director
  • Cinzia Kotsiakos
    Cinzia KotsiakosGeneral Manager / Partner
  • Tim Kotsiakos
    Tim KotsiakosCreative Director / Founder
  • Ash LeechStrategic Design Director
  • Monica LiDesigner
  • Sacha Lovell
    Sacha LovellDesigner
  • Jeanne Paschal
    Jeanne PaschalDesigner

We encourage our designers to experiment with type, interaction, animation and creative technology. This keeps things interesting, provides shareable content and informs our studio work. We can also make prototypes and build small projects.

MASS is located on the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. We acknowledge their sovereignty and pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.